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HP PPM and Sharepoint Integration - Creation of Proposals

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HP PPM and Sharepoint Integration - Creation of Proposals

Hi all,


In the current scenario, initially the investment requests are created in Sharepoint and then they are manually been created as proposals in PPM.


WE have a requirement to automate this process (ie)  a proposal should be created in PPM with the entered data in Sharepoint.


CAn anyone please let me know how to get the data entered in Sharepoint to PPM. Also, how to create a proposal with that data?



Any help is appreciated!


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: HP PPM and Sharepoint Integration - Creation of Proposals

I had previously done this for one of my client, wherein as soon as Project is create a sharepoint site is also created with Project details and it also initiate the sharepoint workflow.


Similarly also read the data from Sharepoint, but invoking the read service.


You just need to call the Sharepoint web service from PPM and pass on the data and vice versa. The integration is straight forward, you can develop the client using this reference.


 Pass data to sharepoint


Read Data from SharePoint



Utkarsh Mishra

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