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HPE PPM 9.4 Excel Report

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HPE PPM 9.4 Excel Report


Anyone, please assist me in generating the report in excel format. 

I already followed the guide in Excel Reports Cookbook but still, I can't run the program. 

Can anyone please assist me. Because I really tried but still unable to fix it.

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Re: HPE PPM 9.4 Excel Report


The Excel Reports cookbook is the reference documentation for creating Excel Reports right now. Depending on the error you're meeting, you might need to get familiar with the JETT library that is being used in PPM Excel Reports ( ).

If you want us to be able to help further, please provide the following information if available:

- Your PPM version

- The error you're getting when running the report, both in the report Log and in the server logs

- Your Excel template, if possible

- An excel file demonstrating what you're trying to achieve, if possible.