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PPM Webservice 9.14 need to return XML Document

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PPM Webservice 9.14 need to return XML Document

Hi Forum Member,


I am quite new to the web service world and normally use to call the webservice Class using the run_client.bat of the webservice toolkit however there seems to be an issue in case I want to return a XML response from the Class. I wanted to know how we can create a method so that the 3rd Party user can call the PPM web service and from our end we would be able to send an XML response via SOAP to the user. Earlier we use to generate the csv or xls file on the server but since this is a 3rd Party they need to consume the webservice. It would be great if someone can give me a sample format of both how to create and consume the service so that I can properly test it. Eagerly waiting for a response.



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Re: PPM Webservice 9.14 need to return XML Document

Hi Kamesh,


You have a toolkit tin PPM with java and .net examples where you can start doing some basic examples to open request, projects, transitioning a workflow, etc. Give it a try!