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Performance issue with PPM

ShravanK Super Contributor.
Super Contributor.

Performance issue with PPM

Hi Everyone,

we are facing some performance issue with our PPM production application. Project Summary page is loading very slow and it is taking 15 to 20 seconds to load summary page.

I have connected to direct PPM application server link via other node and it seems summary page is much quicker than using original web server link.

Is there anything that we can check quickly on the web server side to check the request connectivity with PPM app server Or any web server log to check further. 

Can anyone please assist on this as I dont find anything much related to web server side.

Best Regards,


MIF Trusted Contributor.
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Performance issue with PPM

Hi Shravan,

Is all the site or just "Project Summary Page" suffering?
What is your deployment configuration?
Is it a standalone or cluster configuration?
Which web server are you using?
Are you using hw loadbalancer?
Did you work with a networking guy to monitor traffic route?


Murat Akbar
MIF Software & Consultancy - Istanbul
Aurobinda  Super Contributor..
 Super Contributor..

Re: Performance issue with PPM

Hi Shravan,

Can you please confirm if its PPM 9.42?

If you have another instance, where you find the performance is better, please connect app to that DB and observe the performance if its as expected or not.

If you found, its related to DB, please revisit all the db parameters. Mostly if you are on 12c, please make sure "optimizer_adaptive_features" value must be set to false.

If its realted to WebServer / LB, please revisit the TCP profiles and its configuration.