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Portfolio Structure

Animesh Wadhera Absent Member.
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Portfolio Structure

How can I create a portfolio structure in PPM where I can have one Portfolio under it various Programs and Further under the programs multiple projects so as to help in data roll up at various levels and showcasing this data to the senior management.
Sachin Mishra Absent Member.
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Re: Portfolio Structure

Hi Animesh,

Portfolio life cycle says it will start with the Proposal after proposal approval project will gets created automatically and after the project completion it will convert into Asset.
A program can have multiple projects but it is a independent entity.
For implementation we generally prefer to start from proposal creation and then go to project and asset.
But if you want to implement program mgt also then first configure program and create budget for it, then try to create projects and asoociate it with that program.
Now with the help of scnerio comparision of financial management you can actually show your user what is optimum for him/her.