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ArcSight Activate Framework - FREE!

ArcSight Activate Framework - FREE!


The HP ArcSight Activate Framework is available for FREE on Protect724 for ArcSight users.



The framework provides a standard way of creating content. Standardized content means new analysts and engineers can easily review and understand existing content reducing the ramp-up time for new employees. It also opens up the possibility of sharing content with other ArcSight users. Best of all, the base content has been created from 10 years of experience implementing ArcSight in thousands of environments. What does this mean? It is proven and it works!


"With the proper level of endpoint logging, you can be up and running with the Activate Framework in a matter of minutes," says John Petropoulos, Chief Solutions Strategist for HP Enterprise Security. "This base content in the Activate Framework is just the beginning."


For those who have an interest in creating their own content in the framework, there is an ArcSight Activate Framework Workshop available in select cities around the world. Sign up before classes fill up!

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