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Best practices in Security Operations—Customizations

Best practices in Security Operations—Customizations

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Security information and event management solutions are both large topics in the security industry today. A frequent question we get at HPE Security, is “Does SIEM need customization or tuning?”

Join Paul Brettle, HPE Security Architect, as he: 

  • customization.jpgAnswers the question: Why does SIEM need some customization?
  • Provides insights into what customizations are critical for Security Operations to ensure strong security posture.
  • Distinguishes how customization is different and necessary—versus scripting and development—which is not necessary. 

Click here to watch the short video, "Why does SIEM need some customization or tuning? Best practices in Security Operations."

You can learn more about customization and what customizations are critical for security operations to ensure strong security posture, at HPE Protect. Register before June 30th and receive a $200 early-bird discount. Learn more about this security event, here.

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Siem needs some customization or tuning.


First we need to make sure that correlation engines of the SIEM are really working, and can be customized even if it has specific rules that are built in. Second, the content packs of the SIEM tool should be updated so it will get the latest rule detection, watchlist, alarms, dashboards, global threat intelligence and performance upgrade of SIEM(event normalization and aggregation). This tool should subscribe to all government CERT's so it will acquire the latest threats to prevent zero day attacks.