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Did you know device & connector monitoring with ArcMC

Re: Did you know device & connector monitoring with ArcMC


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Nice information Paul Brettle​ , please tell me how to add end devices. I am unable to see end devices in topology view.We need to see which end devices are not reporting, exactly the way you shown in last pic in abouve article.Does it require latest connector version ?

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Thanks @Paul Brettle , with the EPS in rule, how do you know what device stopped sending events?  I only see an audit log for the connector.  I have many devices reporting to a connector.


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Sorry, this slipped by and I didnt see it!

You do not add end devices to the ArcMC view. They are identified at the SmartConnector layer and added to what is a device list per connector. This information is reported back to the ArcMC as internal reporting data with relevant data such as event rates and number of events in the last period of time.

So if you don't see devices reporting, they aren't sending! You don't add them manually, but must make sure they are sending data in the first place and then been processed by the SmartConnectors. Once they do this, they should appear in the view and you should see the event rates accordingly.

As for latest connector versions - I would always encourage you to move forward, but check the releases and make sure that any problems are fixed before you implement them.

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Thanks @Paul Brettle