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What is the business of hacking?

What is the business of hacking?


To win in the marketplace and beat competition your organization must innovate.  But they’re not properly planning for a key competitor, hackers. There is an entire marketplace out there trying to financially benefit from your organization.  But if you understand the value-chain of this underground economy, you can disrupt it and radically reduce your risk. 

Welcome to the Business of Hacking.

We often hear that hackers are unpredictable and only have to be right once. But that’s not entirely true. The hackers have clear organizations and operate in an extensive marketplace. And those organizations and markets actually function based on a set of rules; rules that if we can effectively understand, we can disrupt and use to our advantage.

We at HPE decided to dig a little deeper into the criminal marketplace to answer your key questions on how this marketplace operates and how you can better protect yourself. The findings were compiled into a new whitepaper being released today: The Business of Hacking.

What we found were mainly mature businesses that look a lot like ours. 

  • These organizations are profit driven. They want to use the fewest resources to get the greatest gain.
  • They have clearly defined motivations.
  • They compete in their marketplace on innovation, on quality, on price…
  • They even have departments like HR, Sales, Marketing and even on customer support.
  • They have finance functions to launder money and even have access to legal resources.

It is quite fascinating how similar their organizations are to our organizations.

That is what the Business of Hacking is all about--breaking down the attacker’s business models to understand their motivations and strengths and their weaknesses. This gives us the ability to treat them as the competitors that they are and account for that in OUR business plans.

boh1.jpgWe look at the different ways attackers are achieving their goals (like making money) and which businesses are most lucrative. In essence, we can start to think of these hackers as competitors. When we make a business choice like moving into a new geography, launching a new product, providing a new service, we can even analyze how this marketplace might respond and be best prepared to deal with it.

By assessing the criminal marketplace as a competitor who is either attempting to reduce our profits or to use our assets for their benefit, then we can evaluate our security strategy accordingly.

Are the security technologies and strategies we’ve deployed reducing the risks specific to our enterprises? Are they making us less of a target in the eyes of our adversaries?

After all, that is what we are here for…to reduce the risk to the business so that it can innovate and grow.

Learn more about how attackers are making money from your assets and what you can do to stop them. Read the Business of Hacking whitepaper at See the press release, here

Fearlessly Innovate.

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