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Auto Export of Defects List to Sharepoint

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Auto Export of Defects List to Sharepoint

Was wondering if there is an easy way to export a list of defects in HPQC 10 to a sharepoint list. Ideally this would be done automatically when a defect is updated or if that is too intensive perhaps at specific times during the day . 


Basically the need that drives my question is that i need to be abe to have a central location where  the most current/updated list of defects is available so that end users who are not part of the testing process (and dont have access to the HPQC tool) can see the most recent defect info. 

William Schmitt
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Re: Auto Export of Defects List to Sharepoint

This would be fairly easy to do with the OTA.  I like to use it in an Excel macro, since it is good for debugging your code.  Excel can also connect directly to Sharepoint lists.  Just write some code to connect to QC, grab the BugFactory and write each item to the list.

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