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ALM Rest API posting design steps

tony999 Absent Member.
Absent Member.

ALM Rest API posting design steps


I am trying to add tests and design steps using the rest API.

I post the test ok but when I try and post the design-step it fails with a 500 error.  

I am using ALM version 12

I am using the following URL


I try posting the following:

string AuthenticationXML1 = @"<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8"" standalone=""yes""?>
<Entity Type=""design-step"">
<Field Name=""attachment""><Value></Value></Field>
<Field Name=""description""><Value>test</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""user-02""><Value>test</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""expected""><Value>test</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""has-params""><Value></Value></Field>
<Field Name=""link-test""><Value>1761</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""user-01""><Value>test</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""name""><Value>blar</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""step-order""><Value>4</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""user-03""><Value>test</Value></Field>
<Field Name=""parent-id""><Value>1761</Value></Field>

Any thoughts?

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