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Error due to an attachment not found in CROS_REF


Error due to an attachment not found in CROS_REF


I need an advice regarding the error generated when trying to create a new project from an existing one in HP ALM .

The error says:
Failed to create new project<projectname>.
Description: Failed to retrieve physical file as it is a folder. Invalid File Path:
\\servername\repository\qc\DomainN\ProjectN\attach\BUG_DefectID_name, Physical ID:0, Physical Path: null.

After investigations it was discovered that the cause is an attachment apparently unlinked.  It exists only inside of the tables SMART_REPOSITORY_LOGICAL_FILE and SMART_REPOSITORY_PHYSICAL_FILE and not in the CROS_REF table.  Should it be checked somwhere else?

Wandering if just deleting the rows related to the attachment in the two tables and the file stored in the ProjRep corresponding folder would fix the issue or there is a better method in order to not not put in danger the original project.

A clearing task is runing once per day over the original project but does not fix this problem.

Thank you!


Jan Czajkowski Acclaimed Contributor..
Acclaimed Contributor..

Re: Error due to an attachment not found in CROS_REF

If you haven't tried realigning the repository yet, that should be the first thing to do.

Otherwise, after making sure you have a full backup of the DB, I would try inserting the missing record in CROS_REF. Only if that fails I would try deleting all the references.

Jan Czajkowski

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Ada_B1 Contributor.

Re: Error due to an attachment not found in CROS_REF

Thank you very much Jan!

We did the first step you suggested. I inserted the record in the CROS_REF table and as result, inside the HP ALM, we were able to see the file attached but having the size 0 and the type not identified. Although in the corresponding ProjRep folder the attachment was correct (we saw the picture (png ) file), when manually linked via CROS_REF... it was, as I said, an empty file with an undefined type.  

Trying again to create a new project with the content of the original one the same old error pop up. So when ready with the backup, we'll prepare for a delete of the unliked attachment. 

Thank you very much again. 

Ada_B1 Contributor.

Re: Error due to an attachment not found in CROS_REF


Just to let you know how the problem was finally fixed. Inside the SMART_REPOSITORY_LOGICAL_FILE the "hanging" attached file didn't have the file extension (.png) - probably an issue at the saving time. So it was manually added and the corresponding record was created in CROS_REF table.  Everything went well after that. The attached file was visible from the defect and perfectly correct when opened in HP ALM. The copy of the project was succesfully done after that.


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