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Excel Addin freezes while uploading

AlexandreBueno Valued Contributor.
Valued Contributor.

Excel Addin freezes while uploading


When I try to upload the data from Excel sheet to ALM, the add-in allows me to map and validate the data without a problem, the problem comes when I upload the Scripts, works “fine” till 35% and then it freezes.

The same file works in different machines.
Version of the addin installed: Microsoft Excel Add-In For ALM 12.2x and 12.5x
Version of our ALM – 12.20

Things done already to fix it (without success):
- Update Office version
- Reinstall the Addin after cleaning up the temp folder as well

Error message:
Excel had a problema with “HPE.ALM.EXCELADDIN” if this persists…

Any idea of how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Excel Addin freezes while uploading

Hi Alexandre,

Just to be sure I understand you currectly: The exact same Excel sheet works on several other PC? So it can't be that your data contains strange characters etc. which might break the import?

If the exact same Excel is working on other machines I'd clean up not only the AddIn, but the whole ALM Client with the ALM Client Cleanup Add-In from the ADM Marketplace at https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/content/alm-client-cleanup-add-in

Hope that helps,