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Excel macro to export execution status from ALM

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Excel macro to export execution status from ALM

I have been looking to extract daily execution status from ALM 12.55 to excel sheet through excel macro.

We have two options

1. A Dashboard>>Analysis Veiw, where we get the consolidated status on each day like, Pass, failed, Blocked etc.

2. Test lab>> Test Set folder of respective releases

Could some one help me with this?

Micro Focus Frequent Contributor
Micro Focus Frequent Contributor

Re: Excel macro to export execution status from ALM


At the moment, we do not have professional resources that can help us to create the code you need.

Yet, we have documentation and examples in where you can follow and customize your own code.



Test Lab OTA API samples:



OTA API reference guide:



How to generate the status report of test in testset using the API



Thank you

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Re: Excel macro to export execution status from ALM

It can be easily done using OTA API. You can connect Excel to ALM and then download the data using SQL queries. If you have any questions then you can post specific questions and someone will reply,

You can look into this article to get started with the OTA API 


Sumeet Kushwah