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"hp syncronizer" false Mail Notifications

New Member.

"hp syncronizer" false Mail Notifications

How can we suggest new mail notification policy/features for sync errors at the QC syncronizer (a.k.a. - HP ALM Synchronizer) ?

current version lets only send mail to one email address, and andmin errors (i.e. bad connection) and end user errors (i.e. defect X failed to sync) are both send to same email address (a seperation between the cases feature is missing here).

Also, repeating errors cause repeating spam mail (a send every T time feature is missing).


Jan Czajkowski Acclaimed Contributor..
Acclaimed Contributor..

Re: "hp syncronizer" false Mail Notifications

We are using a mailgroup for receiving mail notifications from the Synchronizer.

And I agree, there is way too much redundant email notifications sent. I created an enhancement request some year ago asking for ways of tuning the notification policy, but so far nothing has happened. I recommend that you also make you voice heard to Micro Focus so that they see that there are more customers feeling the pain.

Jan Czajkowski

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jgomez_1392 Regular Contributor.
Regular Contributor.

Re: "hp syncronizer" false Mail Notifications


Here you can find a link with an Ehancement request related with ALM Synchronizer, about the email function for ALM Synchronizer:

Check this out, and if you see that it is useful for your request, you can subscribe to get news when this enhancement request has an update.

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