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Extended technology support in UFT 14.51

Extended technology support in UFT 14.51

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Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) has been hailed by industry analysts for its support of diverse technology stacks. UFT 14.51 is no different. This release includes an array of supported technologies to support today’s extensive testing demands.

For the purpose of this blog, we will shed light on these new technologies and environments. For a complete rundown of all new features and enhancements, check out “What’s New” in UFT 14.51.

ERP and Rich-Client

UFT offers best-in-class ERP technology support, in addition to its support for rich-client technologies. The release of UFT 14.51 includes:

  • SAP NWBC Desktop with Belize theme support
  • SAP NWBC Desktop 6.5 PL10
  • PowerBuilder 2017 R3
  • QT 4.8.5, 5.11
  • Stingray 12.1, 12.2

Web Apps and Browsers

Along with our industry-recognized support for progressive web apps and responsive web design, UFT 14.51 adds support for:

  • Angular 6
  • Edge support for SAP Fiori 1.44, 1.52 (Replay only)
  • Edge support for SAPUI5 1.44 (Replay only)
  • Firefox 62, 63
  • Chrome 69, 70

Terminal Emulators

UFT broadens its extensive support for emulators with:

  • Micro Focus Rumba 9.2
  • Micro Focus Web-to-Host 6.9

Learn More

Check out “What’s New” in UFT 14.51 to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full UFT Product Availability Matrix from our Online Help Center.

Wrap up

While this blog covers a subset of our functionality, more details about this release and other new features will be covered in upcoming blogs.

Download UFT today from the following locations:

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  3. Partners: Software Partner Community

To learn more about UFT, visit us at:

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