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Introducing LeanFT version 14.50!

Introducing LeanFT version 14.50!

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Micro Focus ​LeanFT 14.50!

This version is fully packed with new features and enhancements, all designed to support the trend of shift-left functional testing. This blog will briefly touch on LeanFT's new capabilities.

What’s New

With LeanFT 14.50, we strengthen our support for shift-left testing and devtesters, especially around topics like parallel test execution, mobile testing, extended support for Selenium and many other enhancements.

  1.  Parallel Test Execution:
    • Introducing LeanFT Grid, a powerful way to run tests on different environments in parallel to run more tests at the same time.
  2. Mobile Testing:
    • Support for working with multiple Mobile Center workspaces
    • Support for fingerprint and facial recognition authentication
    • Support for barcode and QR code simulation
    • View mobile device vitals in the report
  3. Extend support for Selenium:
    • Introducing LeanFT's extension for the Selenium API in .NET
  4. Many other enhancements:
    • Improved Test Recorder with support for recording IE, Standard Windows, Java, WPF and WinForms apps as well as adding verifications during recording.
    • Extended technology support for PowerBuilder and Headless Chrome.

Learn More

Check out “What’s New” in LeanFT 14.50 to see the complete list of features and technologies, or browse the full LeanFT Product Availability Matrix from our Online Help Center.

Wrap Up

Check out the this amazing LeanFT version:


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