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As part of our journey to complete our separation work and our future integration with Micro Focus, we've now updated our domain for the community. This is an interim step, which will be followed by a series of future update / improvements: - Piloting Idea boards - Refreshing the entire UI. (more to come later) - and more
Requirements Management

Welcome to the Requirements Management Community

Gathering, tracking and managing requirements is the starting point of a successful project.


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Some usefull content from TechBeacon   


The 5 most common agile techniques 

Learn the most frequent agile techniques organizations use. They include daily standups, iteration planning, retrospectives, & prioritized backlogs. 

An agile leader's guide to writing user stories  

Learn the most frequent techniques product managers and agile leaders use to write user stories that lead to perfect MVPs, and later, great products!

How to build performance requirements into your user stories

Start building high-performance features from the start of the design process with performance requirements in user stories.

Learn whether your organization can benefit from an agile approach to the enterprise.
Doing your enterprise agile planning? Understand the major differences between team, program, and portfolio levels.
Key characteristics of lean-agile portfolios and why they are better suited and more cost-effective for agile organizations.

Learn the basics of agile estimation and the steps toward building your team's own custom estimation strategies. 
There's a better way to decide which projects to prioritize and fund in your agile estimation and program management process: WSJF.