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Trim Service API 9.1.2 - Help with disposition search

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Trim Service API 9.1.2 - Help with disposition search

I'm trying to get records via a search (see code snippet below) and the disposition is not working in "q" where 

q = "disposition:Active,Inactive,\"Archived(Local)\",\"Archived(Interim)\",\"Archived(Permanent)\""

I've tried with and without quotes as well.  I can get disposition:Active,Inactive just fine.

Also would like to find for all dispositions, something like disposition:all or disposition:*; these don't work either

var propertiesContainer = new PropertyList();

Records requestContainer = new Records()
q = "disposition:Active,Inactive,\"Archived(Local)\",\"Archived(Interim)\",\"Archived(Permanent)\"",
Properties = propertiesContainer,
pageSize = 9999,
//sortBy = new string[] { "recTitle" }

RecordsResponse responseContainer = trimClient.Get<RecordsResponse>(requestContainer);


Help is much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


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Re: Trim Service API 9.1.2 - Help with disposition search

Selects Records based on a value for Disposition.

Based on the list 'Disposition':
A simple value: Active
A list of values: Active,Inactive
A numerical equivalent value: 2
A list of numerical equivalent values: 2,4
The following values are supported:
(Active=1,Inactive=2,"Archived (Keep Forever)"=5,Destroyed=6,"Archived (Custody Transferred)"=7)

You may need to include the space before the open parentheses, otherwise guess the number associated with the unlisted disposition values.

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Re: Trim Service API 9.1.2 - Help with disposition search

Thanks again for the solution JanMartin!