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The Send Mail action needs to be recorded as part of the record it was sent from

Briefly describe your idea
Manual notifications sent from a record using the Send Mail option need to be recorded as part of the history of a record

Why is this important, when it would it be used
This is needed in order to have a complete view of the communication for that record.

If you were designing the solution, how would  you do it?
Add an entry to the Discussions/Comments when the 'Send Mail' option is used.

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Thank you for sharing your idea! Let’s hear what the community has to say. Once there is enough community traction, it will be reviewed by the product team.


All notifications needs to be logged in the discussion, not only manual ones.

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Agree with JisseAir.  All notifications should be tracked in history especially when disputes arises over who didn't do what.

Status changed to: Waiting for Votes
Status changed to: Accepted

Great news, this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap, timing TBD. Check back for updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and submit to change)