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We want to be able to modify the Portal look and feel

We want to be able to modify the Portal look and feel. For example (these are only examples and should be construed as specific requirements of a Portal dev kit):

  1. Change the background colour of the category tiles.
  2. Reduce the size of the category tiles.
  3. Add a banner marquee to the portal i.e. To show the end user some very critical news on the banner marquee.
  4. Modify the sidebar. Such as moving “approvals” from the menu to the sidebar.
  5. Add URLs.

Ability to change label terms e.g. Offerings, Portal ID prefix.

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 This is an important requirement for my customer - they need more flexibility than what is provided in the current admin interface.

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I was in two SAW implementations and they asked us about the possibility of modify the number of tiles. Now, in a SM 9.60 implementation where the SMA portal is the recommended User Portal, the customer is asking the same: they want to change the number of tiles or columns to 4 instead of 3. They also want to sort the categories in order of most requested to less requested.
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Completely agree. We have several customers hesitant to use SMA Portal because of the rigid design/lack of configuration/customization. Look at what competitors can do - totally flexible GUI design tools let you do anything with the design and layout of the portal.

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We have the same of requirement.

We also would like to add javascript code on the portal to integrate our own widgets, like a bot (For both SMAX and SM portals).



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Yes for SMSP - I need to get rid of american enligsh and use actual english

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