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AWS - New version of Centos (7.5)

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AWS - New version of Centos (7.5)


When we try to setup up SMA-X manually, we meet a bloking point : AWS offers only version 7.5 of its Centos resource. However, it is not possible to run the setup on a different version of 7.4.

Will this concern be resolved?

In advance, thank you.

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Re: AWS - New version of Centos (7.5)

Hi - We are working to add official support for CDF and SMA on CentOS 7.5 as part of our 2018.08 release. For the time being, you can use the workaround listed below to continue to install CDF and SMA on CentOS 7.5 on AWS.


Change the  /home/ITOM_Suite_Foundation_Upgrade_2018.05.00107/scripts/ to skip the OS version check.


Hope this helps.

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