DXC named first global managed service provider for Fortify on Demand

DXC named first global managed service provider for Fortify on Demand

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Guest post by Harley Adams, Sr. Product Marketing Manager 

Another week for Micro Focus Fortify, another announcement. This time, DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, announced the launch of DXC Applications Security on Demand, a consumption-based applications security testing service that helps clients identify and remediate vulnerabilities during the development lifecycle.

DXC blog.pngApps have become a fact of life, and app developers understand they need to protect their applications from malicious attacks. However, while finding vulnerabilities during development is essential to securing applications long term, it does little to save the company from attacks targeting live legacy applications today. Organizations need to continuously monitor and protect production environments for application security risks from new or rogue applications, risk profile changes, and zero-day vulnerabilities. 

With the launch of the new service, powered by Micro Focus software, DXC becomes the first global Fortify on Demand managed service provider. Applications Security on Demand performs security scanning, auditing and reporting on programming, web-based apps and business apps for iOS and Android

“Implementing security protection and assurance mechanisms throughout the software development lifecycle is more important than ever. DXC Applications Security on Demand provides this capability in a cloud consumption-based model,” said Mike Klaus, senior vice president and general manager, Application Services, DXC Technology. He went on to say that DXC addresses clients application security needs “early and continuously through the entire lifecycle, reducing both cost and risk, enabling them to deliver secure applications more efficiently.” 

DXC Applications Security on Demand enables: 

  • Static Security Testing:Static assessments provide security scanning, auditing and reporting on a variety of programming. Using industry-leading tools, source code analysis of applications is completed with expert validation and reporting.
  • Dynamic Security Testing:Dynamic assessments provide security scanning, auditing and reporting for any web-based application in an active environment.
  • Mobile Security: Mobile assessments provide security scanning, auditing and reporting on all business applications for iOS and Android devices.

 “Companies are recognizing the need to think more proactively about applications security, making their applications more accessible, and offering developers the tools they need to build security directly into the DevOps process,” said Jan Erik Aase, director and principal analyst, Information Services Group, a leading global technology research and advisory firm. “They are looking for solutions that are simple, economical, and scalable that help them meet more stringent legal and compliance regulations, such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in Europe.” 

DXC Applications Security on Demand helps clients predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance, and protect data and applications. Something every company should be doing to stay out of the headlines for a security breach. 

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