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Agent performance

Bertram Fukuda
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Agent performance

     Hi.  I trying to figure out the best way to find out what performance hit the managed server takes when the agent kicks off an inventory.  In order to do this, I thought I should get educated on the agent.  Do anyone have a guide that details how the agent functions.  IE runs rpm -qa to get the package details.  I understand there are many variables that effect the inventory based on how the system is built but want to atleast get a good starting point. 

     OR if someone has already done this and would share the information that would be great.

     Our customer has asked us to investigate since they have some high-priority systems that run pretty close to the wire.







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Re: Agent performance

this might help..

Ed Molina
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Re: Agent performance



We actually have available a large set of documentation that cover Server Automation Performance.  We have fairly large (6MB) PDF that can be referenced. 


Part of that document is a section on "Agent Characterization"  I can't upload the full document here (file is too large), however you should be able to get this document from the HP Support team.


I've attached the "Agent Characterization" document for your convenience. 


If you'd like the full document, please open a Support Case and request the "SA Performance White Papers"



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