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Windows Patch Download in SA 10 not working

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Windows Patch Download in SA 10 not working

Hi All,


In patch settings, When I click on Patch Database-->Import from vendor, I am getting error. I am attaching the error screenshot of same.


Can someone explain how to enable automatic patch database update for windows in SA Client. Should the core have access to outside internet?


In the document also it describes how to perform patching via HPSA client and not how to enable auto patch database update when we click on Import from vendor.



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Re: Windows Patch Download in SA 10 not working

Yes, your core needs to be able to connect to the Microsoft Patch website to download the patches via the internet. 


Follow the information in the "User Guide: Server Patching". "Setting Up Windows Product Patching Support" begins on page 60.



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Matt Eash
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