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Allowing user to update/edit calls via Service Pages

Dawn Minnis
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Allowing user to update/edit calls via Service Pages

Hi all

Imagine the scenario. There is a company, call them Acme PLC. Acme PLC have an internal helpdesk called

the Geeks. Acme PLC's other non-technical employees we will called the Technophobes.

The Geeks sit down to work on a Monday morning and the phone starts to ring. It is Joe Bloggs, one of the

Technophobes whose CD drive has snapped under the weight of his coffee cup. Geek #1 takes the call and

tells Joe Bloggs that a technician will be out to pick up his laptop within 4 hours. 5 hours later and

Joe Bloggs' laptop is still sitting on his desk with a broken CD drive. Joe decides to take matters into

his own hands and tries to remove the CD drive with a knife from the canteen. This causes a number of

other problems as he accidentially hits the TFT screen a whack and now a few pixcels have gone freaky. He

tries to phone through to the Geeks department but to no avail, they've gone for lunch (there are only 3

Geeks and they all got hungry at once - stay with me). Joe bloggs asks a fellow Technophobe what to do now and his buddy John Smith tells him to go onto the website (Service Pages) and see the status of his call. Off Joe goes and logs into SP and checks for his open call and discovers that they have written up his contact information incorrectly.

At this point. Joe really wants to be able to update the open call and fix his location details from the fourth floor to the third floor.

Here are the questions:

I know this facility existed in Remedy (*shudders at name*) and I would love to know whether A) a user who is a member of the Technophobes not the Geeks can see their open calls (where do you specify the roles/access levels etc) but ONLY 'their' calls; B) if it is possible for Joe to update the description/information section of the call to provide the analyst handling the call some more information thus lessening the number of calls coming through to the Geeks to simply update the call.

Does this make sense or does anyone work for Acme PLC and is now considering taking me to a tribunal over libelous allegations?

Gyula Matics_1
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Re: Allowing user to update/edit calls via Service Pages

what a story :-)

Depending on the access level you want to give to the Technophobes these funcitions may be possible with simple configuration, or it may require some jsp programming. But it is definitely possible and in a nicer way than in that other software.

1) if you want to gice all technophobes the same kind of access. (i.e. to see all of their own calls, or see the calls of their group. but the same kind of access for all of them)

On the system console, Presentation, SP View, Service Call, there are two views starting with Caller... defined by default. These are used to define the filters for the Service Calls Full and Restricted lists. You can change the filters to suit your needs.

2) if you want to define more access levels, then it's time for some jsp programming. ListServicecalls.jsp is the one you need to look into.

B) 1)Again, if you want the same access level, the you can simply modify the Service Pages role on the admin console (Security/access/role) and give them modify rights. That may give them more access than you want,
2) so you can create a new role, assign those users to this role and remove them from the Service Pages role. In this new role, you can set whatever rights you want for them. This new role will also affect the filtering used in A/1.

hope this helps