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Limit field value range

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Jamie ODonnell
Trusted Contributor.

Limit field value range

I have a UI rule set up:

After new item has been opened
OR After existing item has been opened
where Status equals New
AND NOT (Assignment;To Workgroup equals Change Management)
Limit Status to New or Registered (Limit field value range) Status equals New;Registered;

This rules seems to work fine (it limits the status) until I change the priority, Planned start, category, or reason fields. Then all of the status are available.

Not sure whey it is only some fields that break the limitation.

Any ideas?

Craig R Taylor
Honored Contributor.

Re: Limit field value range

If I may paraphrase what you are attempting to do with this rule -
When you open an item and the Status is new and you are not part of the Change Management workgroup, the only statuses that will be available will be New and Registered.

Is that correct? Also, what version and SP are you using?
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Jamie ODonnell
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Limit field value range

SD 4.5 SP 18

Good Morning Craig,

You are correct! Altough the hitch - when I change field values the limitation breaks - allowing all Status access (New, Reg, Planning, TBA, Closed)

It seems that it is only the change of the priority, Planned Start, category, and reason fields that makes it break. I can change the description, information, impact, type, etc... and I still have the limitation to New and Registered.

It is that some field changes break it and some do not that is confusing to me.

Thank you for your quick response.
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Re: Limit field value range


I'd check the rule to validate that the checkbox "Evaluate this rule when this field value has changed" for each field in your rule. Very possibly this could be the issue, especially if one of those values is tied to the "Status" in another UI rule or Database rule being triggered due to the value change.

Kind of an A to B, B to C, change to A causes a change to C effect...

I recall wanting to use this type of rule but decided against it due to inconsistency in how it operated.

Sounds like your process wants to ensure every change is "Registered" from a Status Standpoint.

One way I avoided this was to separate my Change Mgmt statuses into two fields: "Status" which is used by the person requesting the change and "Approval Status" a custom field only Change Management personnel have update authority to this field.

Then we have UI rules to assign the RFC accordingly based on the last value updated (note we use a concept where a person "owns the change - person record, that person is part of a Change Owner Group - workgroup field, and thus are able to do assigments with this information captured at a Draft status).
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Craig R Taylor
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Re: Limit field value range

After rereading this I would like to simplify your requirements one step further.

Only Change Management can change the status of a change control to anything other than new or registered.

If this is the intended outcome I would suggest using roles for this.

Just as a test, you create a new role. (If you already have an applicable role you can use it) Then click on change and then click on Details... at the bottom of the screen.

Under the status tab you can then limit the statuses to whatever you want.

The role for your change management group would allow access to all statuses.

I hope that I am a) giving you a solution that fits your needs and b) making sense

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