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Problems integrating Radia

Patricia Martin1
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Problems integrating Radia

Good morning. I am having problems integrating Radia with SD. I execute the batch task to export and import data using the default Radia.ini file and the default radia_import mapping. I obtain error messages when the product try to import the data. I have attached the logs of the batch to this thread.

Could anybody help me?

Thank you.
Jan Pavelka
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Re: Problems integrating Radia

Hi Patricia,

you should alter the ini file and/or your used template.

You have defined that CI has a mandatory attribute location. But your template nor import values do not contain this attribute. What to do:
- add the default value for Location attribut in your template or
- add a Location attribute into your ini file (as a constant field or from Radia if possible)

Another issue: some of your records have exceeded 50 characters for the Searchcode.
What to do: trim these extra characters in your ini file. You should use string functions such as Left(..,50).

In the real life these pre-defined integrations usually do not work :o(
Hope it helps