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Relating 2 Fields together

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Theron Greenawa
Trusted Contributor.

Relating 2 Fields together

When selecting a person in the Assignment To Person: field after you have selected a workgroup under the Assignment To Workgoup field the Assignemtn To Person field is restricted to the people with the workgroup selected.

We created two new fields; Solved By Workgroup and Solved by Person but the Solved by Person field has no restrictions and offers every name in OVSD. What step have we missed, how do we relate the two together so that they act as the Assignment fields do?
George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Relating 2 Fields together


This can be done using Generic Relations and a UI rule to make the restriction based on Generic Relations.

For Generic Relations you must use 4.5 SP17 or higher or 5.1SP2 or higher.
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