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SD4.5 Extraction from a CSV file

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SD4.5 Extraction from a CSV file

Hi everyone,

I have extracted data from many many Excel sheets before but haven't done an extraction from a CSV file.
I started the ECW to get an initial ini file to work with. The connection to the ODBC source is successful. When I try to create a new class though, the ECW says "No tables or views found".
I remember this message from my first tries with the excel extraction when I did not have defined an area to select from. But I fail to apply this knowledge to the CSV extraction.
I was going to do it without the ECW but what do I put as a SOURCE? (Same problem as that's where the excel sheet's area name would go)

Can anyone please give me a clue?

Thanks in advance
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Re: SD4.5 Extraction from a CSV file

What a pain in the ass that was...

If you should ever try to extract data from a CSV file, here's what your INI file has to look like (tested on SD4.5 SP25)

SOURCE=[filename.csv] [ALIAS]

The Alias and the blank between the two strings in brackets is important.


Notice the double quotes.


You can't have double quotes in the PARENT_RELATION


You also can't have double quotes in the CONDITION but you have to have single quotes after relational operators.

In a nutshell: The syntax is stupid and totally random.