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Use of Predecessors & Successors for Projects

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Use of Predecessors & Successors for Projects


System handle is SD 4.5 with SP 20 on windows platform SP1.

We need to relate changes to projects and assign some changes as Predecessors and some as Successors.

Now we want to have warning generated if suuccessor starts before the Predecessor is Closed.

I am not getting option as given below:

1. Successor Starts As Soon as Possible
2. Successor Starts Only if Predecessor is Closed

Ruth Porter
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Re: Use of Predecessors & Successors for Projects

Hi Crystenia,

Hmm!! It looks as though Project item does not offer the same control of changes as you get with a WO on a change.

A workround would be to have a custom field on a chnage, say call it "Predecessor finished" and have a DB rule which updates this whenever a chnage completes (using udate related item> successor).

Then have another rule which checks when a change starts that this custom field is set to Yes and sends a warning if not. You would need to ensure this field was set to yes if a chnage was not pasrt of a project.

Hope this helps, Ruth