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Using information from related items

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Using information from related items


We have for some time used the code field Urgency in our ServiceCall form. This contains the values Gold, Silver, Bronze. Now we have the need to autofill this information from the CI selected in the ServiceCall. We have the equivalent field in the CI form. The problem seem to be that a Code field cannot be automatically filled while an "ordinary" text field can.

I have tried to create an UI rule for this but I can only select fields from related items if I want to update a text field. When selecting a code field I can only choose Subcontract calls to fill from.

Is there a way around this? We are on SD 5.1.

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Re: Using information from related items

HI Michael,

its possible via Rule.
1) set textfield1 with your value - must be a value of your codefield.
2) set rule-dataupdate sourcefield=textfield1
3) save rule
4) open rule again
5) edit previous inserted line
6) change sourcefield to your codefield
7) click CANCEL!!!
8) save rule (next; finish)

9) reopen rule and check

It works only if the format is correct. Related textfields are not directly useable.

For updates reset sourcefield to a textfield again - don't forget for CANCEL and save.

This method is not only limited to Codefields. Its works on most of all other fields (checked also on SD4.5).

hope this helps