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Data export to SD 4.5

Andrew_83 Absent Member.
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Data export to SD 4.5

I have an Oracle database from wich i want to export data into SD 4.5.
The encoding of Oracle database is CL8ISO8859P5 (Russian ISO).
So when i am doing export in UTF-8 (default) i have an XML whith wrong symbols...
So i have tried to do it whith ENCODING=ISO-8859-5 option in the extraction configuration file... the process begins and number of exported instances is shown, but at the end i have an EMPTY XML file...
I anybody had this problem, please response.
Tim Tran_1 Absent Member.
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Re: Data export to SD 4.5

Try this forum, there are many more SD users/experts there, including several from Russia :-)

IT resource center forums -> management software -> Openview IT Service Management.
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