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Micro Focus delivers a unified, analytics-driven suite of applications to manage the service portfolio and lifecycle on a single, big data platform. Machine learning and predictive analytics drive a distinguished consumer-grade user experience with native mobile capabilities and a world class agent productivity environment. See here for more information.

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Gain insights and best practices to accelerate service deliver while simplifying the control of service desk and ITSM using built-in ITIL best practices.
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SMA-Service Manager Suite

Updates, news, and discussions for SMA-SM Suite and Service Manager customers. SM customers with questions related to the unified SMA Service Portal, see the SMA-X Suite community.
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The latest updates, news & discussions about IT Asset Manager.
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Updates, news and discussions for SMAX Suite customers, and SM customers using SMA Service Portal.
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Community Announcements

SMAX and SMA-SP for SM: Please join us for the 2018.11 SMA Suite Release Readiness Webinars  

The Service Management Automation Suite Release Readiness webinars are designed to ready your team for the latest release and updates, and include an overview of new features and capabilities, live demonstrations, deployment and update details, and live Q&A.  

For the 2018.11 release there will be a single webinar for both SMA-Service Portal for SM (AKA Mixed Mode) and SMAX audiences, repeated for additional time zone coverage. Each webinar is suitable for both the business and system administrators.  

Please join us in the live session, or the recording after the event, for an overview of the SMA 2018.11 release. Topics include demos on both SMA-SP for SM and SMAX systems, and capabilities like JIRA and SAP integration, and sub-category dropdown visibility. We’ll also cover a brief update on the “Evolution Program” which aims to help SM customers interested in learning more about SMAX.  

Virtual room information: 
We are using Go to Webinar to host this session. The short URL below will resolve to the meeting URL. (If any technical issues, check Here on the actual day for further instructions.) 

Service Management Automation X(SMAX) & SMA-SP for SM customers

Tuesday, November 20th  
10 PM EST 
60 min 
Conference Details: Https:// or pre-register here
Recording Link (post event): Here 

Wednesday, November 21st  
11 AM EST 
60 min 
Conference Details: Https:// or pre-register here
Recording Link (post event): Here


* URL is for customers only. Internal and partners must register through Aspire technical enablement training.  

Looking forward to your participation! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Idea Exchange for the ITOM Platform user community. The Idea Exchange is a web-based platform where users and practitioners like you can voice your ideas to improve the product, get feedback on your ideas, engage in dialogue with our product managers and SMEs, as well as vote on other’s ideas that you would like to see in the product. Learn More