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Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear

Audrey H. Acclaimed Contributor.
Acclaimed Contributor.

Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear



There should be a better single document for installing Process Designer.


I have been attempting to install Process Designer enabled for Helpdesk on an existing tailored installation of SM v9.34 and I've had to reference at a minimum 3 documents (so far) in order to do this, and have still not done a complete run through to an actively working SM9.34 with PD installed and this is not even including the migration of tickets, which needs another document).  There also isn't an actual reading order you can use the documents in, you have to jump back and forth between them because information in one might not be in the other.  The documents I've used so far are:


Compatibility Matrix for Service Manager Applications Content

Process Designer CP9.30.3 Release Notes

Application Patch Manager Guide for Content Packs


Also, as you jump back and forth between the documents, it's not always clear which step you should do first.


The Applications Patch Manager Guide gives simple step by step instruction to Apply the Content Release, Review Results,  Reconciling differences, and then Enabling Process Designer Help Desk, but it mentions nothing about the compatibility unload that is required during many installations.  Because of this you need to jump to the Compatibility Matrix document for information on this.  The thing is that the Applications Patch Manager Guide has left the enabling of PD for Helpdesk as the last thing, but the Compatibility Matrix doc kind of includes it at part of the heading of single step with all the conflict resolution in bullet points within, but without a clear idea of when each should be done.  It's specific about needing to do conflict resolution before applying the compatibility unload, but isn't clear about how to combine the conflict resolution of "Renamed" objects in the merge results of PDCP4 that are also part of the compatibility unload.  Do you need to do conflict resolution twice on customzed objects, or just once during the compatibility unload.


Back in the Release Notes document it indicates that certain changes need to be made "After the installation of Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3", but do they mean after the installation, the enable of PD for Helpdesk, and the conflict resolution, or immediately after the content pack installation is complete and before these two things?  Does it make a difference one way or another?


Switching back to the Compatibility Matrix for Service Manager Applications Content, it seems to be the only document that gives recommended/optional methods for installing the compatibility unload, one being Unload Manager and the other simply using the Import/Load through database manager.  The Unload Manager process seems to produce some kind of backup .unl, although I'm not sure of it's content, since I never successfully used this method, I would assume it's a backup of the current state of an object before it is overwritten by the object in the .unl or the merged object.  This method uses a wizard that necessitate doing all conflict resolution for objects in the .unl while the wizard is running.  We have 150+ conflict in the compatibility unload alone so doing them all in one sitting, within the wizard would be  a challenge.  I assume the simple Import/Load method is just going to overwrite any object of the same name, so you need to backup any customized object in advance of applying this .unl.  Unless there is an easier method that is not mentioned in any of the documents that I read, this means either doing a combination of revisions and .unls (when object doesn't have revision option), or all in .unls.  In order for the .unl method to be useful, you would have to create a separate .unl for each object, unless someone knows of a way to only load part of a .unl when all objects are in the same .unl.


All of these instructions should be in one document, they should be more clear on what steps come first and what behaviour should be exhibited as you step through the instructions, and they should indicate what the expected result should be after each step.  I'm just at the conflict resolution part and have had to use 3 documents, then I have the migration of historical tickets still to do, so will need the migration document.




Micro Focus Contributor DanWen
Micro Focus Contributor

Re: Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear

Hi Audrey,


Thanks for your feedback on documents. We had a meeting to discuss your issues and we're considering to improve these documents and make them clearer.


For when to enalbe PD helpdesk, please follow the Applications Patch Manager Guide. That is, enable it during the PDCP4 installation.


For the detailed upgrade issues on your tailored system, we recommend that you raise a CPE incident through support and the Upgrade Program here in SM R&D is happy to help with any upgrade issues.

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Re: Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear


I am starting to do my preliminary investigation as I want to install PDCP3 on 9.34P5 then migrate to 9.41 Hybrid and I am experiencing the same issues with trying to gather the necessary information from numerous sources.  I support the idea of having a single or more clearly defined process.

John Stagaman Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear

It may be easier to go directly to 9.50. It will allow you to move to Hybrid without having to install the PD content pack in 9.34 first. (It will automatically convert change management to PD). 

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Re: Too many documents necessary to install Process Designer and still not clear

Thank you for the suggestion, I will need to evaluate that option as well. 

Does anyone have any experience going from 9.34 non-PD to 9.50 that they would like to share?