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Writing queries to validate user selections for HPSM 9.40 SRC

gmckone Frequent Contributor.
Frequent Contributor.

Writing queries to validate user selections for HPSM 9.40 SRC

Hi, my first post to the forum.  Please point me in the right direction if I'm in the wrong section.

I'm new to HPSM 9.40 Service Catalogue (which we are viewing using SRC).
In creating new service catalogue items which have "User Selection" fields, I'm attempting to have field values looked up from a table.

We have a table called locations where fields "" = city, "location" = site.

I'd like users to be able to choose a city "Surrey"  and then in the next field to choose a site that is in that city.
When I see the query screen, I don't understand what functions are available to me. (what language am I writing this query in)  I'm also not sure how to reference values already in the form.  (I see an option to select fields from the table).   If someone can link me to a general reference I'd really appreciate it.

Also, if someone is feeling brave, if you could suggest how I can use the location table to provide users with a list of unique cities to choose one.

And then a list of sites filtered by that city.  I would be very grateful.

Thanks for the assistance in advance.