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Applications Upgrade

Caio_R Contributor.

Applications Upgrade

I need to migrate from HPSM 9.31 to 9.52 and I have the 9.52 installed from the ground up. And I have some questions about it:

1 - To upgrade the applications from the version 9.31, do I need first to upgarde the platform content to 9.52 and then upgrade the applications to 9.52 or can I simply install the 9.52 from ground up and somehow bring data from 9.31??

2 - Considering I can not upgrade the main platforms and applications, but only have the 9.52 from the ground up in a separate server , what is the best way is to bring data from 9.31 without realy upgrading the older one?


Thank you very much!


Re: Applications Upgrade

Hello Caio_R,
Hope you are doing well.

I found the following information in the Help Server for 9.52:

As you can see, depending on your current PD version, is the type of upgrade you need to perform.
Additionally, you can navigate through the process by navigating with the menu on the left side of the screen.

Hope you find this information useful.

Best regards!

Caio_R Contributor.

Re: Applications Upgrade

Thanks for the information.

I've acctually checked many help pages about the upgrade process and the upgrade tools. Here's my situation:

1-> I've already have a 9.52 server and applications running and need to bring data from the older version (9.31).

2-> By reading the help pages, It seens that to perform the upgrade I first need to upgrade the 9.31 platfform component and then have the applications upgraded. is that correct?

3 -> What I need to do is get the data from the older 9.31 server and bring to the 9.52 one. Doing The upgrade seemed to be the best alternative, but We did not had the 9.31 upgraded, we decided to have a brand new 9.52 instead.


best regards

Kelalek2 Acclaimed Contributor.
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Applications Upgrade

I'd say it's not an easy task to transfer all data from SM 9.3x to SM 9.5x. I understand it seems an lucrative option to skip the full upgrade process, but because with every version SM database structures changes a bit, direct data copying from system to another won't happen easily.

To succeed, deep knowledge & investigation of SM core table structure (field types, length etc.) is required. It's doable, but it's a time consuming task.

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Knowledge Partner
Knowledge Partner

Re: Applications Upgrade

The easier and faster alternative for you is to copy the old data as "Online Archive 9.3", so you won't have the "data migration/translation" effort between versions. This would mean copy only closed tickets but I guess having both systems running in parallel for a while was your plan, so this should not be a problem.  Check the Purge and Archive manual.


If you want to have all records working on new 9.52 it's still feasible but means a lot of work and honestly... if you wanted this, why didn't you upgrade your system? Anyway, you can have an idea of the work you'd need to do by checking the manua (it's not a receipt, just a guideline)l:

Breno Abreu

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