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Delete SM default contact and operators from Database

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Delete SM default contact and operators from Database

Hi Experts,


I want to delete SM's default contact and operators from database. I can't use mass delete option from SM because there are users (like system.admin, ldapoperator, falcon and few more) which I dont want to delete. And deleting the users one by one from SM would be a time consuming effort. I can run a delete query in the database by not including those users.


Can you guys please recommend me what would be the better option to delete the defualt operators and contacts without deleting a few.


Thanks and regards,


Vadim Gorda
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Re: Delete SM default contact and operators from Database


have you tryed with expert search? Write there exclusion for few contacts which you dont want to delete:"FALCON,JENIFER" and ...... and it will find for you all contacts except the listed one.


After that you can mass delete them.


There is option in menu which purges demo data from the system, but don't remember if it is deleting contacts.



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Re: Delete SM default contact and operators from Database

Hi Vadim,


Thanks for your response. I have around 50+ users that donot required deletion. So I didnt use expert search. 

The default contacts in the SM Contact table has IDs starting with "advantage".


So deleted the contacts from the database by using the userid condition. Worked.


There's another table CONTCTSA1, Somehow I dont know how to delete the records. Cos it has only 3 columns, and two of it contains the same value for all the contacts. Would it affect the CONTCTSM1 table if I delete all the contacts from CONTCTSA1 table. Whats the use of CONTCTSA1 table?


I never knew about the expert search. Thanks for making me know about it. May come handy in future.


Thanks and Best Regards,