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Export data model to open in csv

rdellac  Frequent Contributor..
 Frequent Contributor..

Export data model to open in csv

Hello to all,

I tried to export data from HP Service Manager to a csv file.

It's ok to me when i open this file in notepad++

But when i want to open this file whith excel,  accents  are transformed to special characters like "é".

Do you have a solution to avoid telling the client to open his file in .txt and choose the delimitation etc.


Thanks a lot Experts :-)

BrenoAbreu Outstanding Contributor..
Outstanding Contributor..

Re: Export data model to open in csv

This is rather an Excel issue, not HPSM. A solution would be use a better worksheet tool, like Calc :) 

Normally, Excel is capable to identify the charset being used and I personally never had this problem. Googling it I found other persons that had this issue.. I searched for: excel open csv special characters

Wish you luck!!

Breno Abreu

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