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HOW to create Macros

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HOW to create Macros

Can any one help how to create macros to the newly created table in HP SM

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Re: HOW to create Macros


Macro is vast domain and you have to state your requirement.

Follow below thread ,

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Re: HOW to create Macros



You could also check the online help for more information about Macros.




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Re: HOW to create Macros



  1. Click Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Macros.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Macro Name field, type a name for the new macro.
  4. In the Applies When field, select an event option from the list indicating when you want the macro to execute.

    For example, select Incidents are Saved.

  5. In the Macro Type field, select an action you want the macro to execute. Options include faxing, paging, mailing, starting and stopping clocks, executing a RAD function, or evaluating an expression.
  6. Type a Macro Condition that triggers the macro to execute. When this condition evaluates to true, Service Manager executes what is defined in the Macro Type field.

    For example, you can page a specific person when a new incident ticket is set to priority 1. The condition would look like this: priority in $“1”.

  7. Click Set Parameters to establish the parameters for this macro.

    Note: The available fields in this form vary, depending on the value in the Macro Type field in the edit form for your new macro.

  8. Provide additional information where needed. For example, Send Page to-Specific Phone, Specific Contact, Specific Operator; Construct Message By.
  9. Click Save.

    The macro edit form opens.

  10. Click OK.

    The macro record saves and you are returned to the macro list form. Updating a macro record uses the same edit forms as the creating process.

  11. Click Search from the macro list form to refresh the list of macros.
  12. Click OK in the search dialog box.
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Re: HOW to create Macros

If you're setting up notifications, it is much easier to invoke the notification engine for new tables than it is to enable macros. 

Define an Object for the new table if you have not already done so (use the DEFAULT object as a model), and on the notifications tab assign the notification definitions to call.

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