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Opening a change from Menu

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Re: Opening a change from Menu


i've been struggling with the same issue, but the problem is the manu calls a rad application and we cant modify it .

have you reached a solution, i would really appreciate the help .



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Re: Opening a change from Menu

NOTE: This is a duplicate thread (this answer is posted in both threads). 


To create a navigator/menu item which allows automatic selection of change category:


First, define a new Process (Tailoring > Document Engine > Processes)

Process Name: openConfigChange (or whatever you want to call it)

Enter the Initial Expression: $setCategory="CATEGORY_NAME"

On the RAD panel, in the first application enter:

Click Add.


Second, update the Process (which is called by

In the "Expressions evaluated before RAD call" for the RAD application, enter:

if ($setCategory="CATEGORY_NAME" then category in $L.file="CATEGORY_NAME"; $setCategory=NULL



Third, add the Menu item to the Menu record which will call the new Process:


Parameter Name:   name

Parameter Value:   openConfigChange (or whatever you called it)

Enter a description, option # and condition. 

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