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Service Catalog Interaction Creation Process

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Service Catalog Interaction Creation Process

Hi Experts,


I want to populate a value in the interaction ticket using a javascript when a user submits a ticket through the service catalog. Any idea where I can call my javascript to input a value into a field in the interaction ticket?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Service Catalog Interaction Creation Process

Are you talking about populating the interaction field with a value submitted in the service catalog service options field?

If so, check out my post here:


If you just simply want to populate a field in the interaction, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to accomplish this by calling the javascript on an add event within the format control (just ensure that the add event only gets called for interactions of category 'service catalog')

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Re: Service Catalog Interaction Creation Process


You can achieve this by trigger on 'incidents’ table.
Create a new trigger with 'before add’ condition and put the if statement checking if record is created from SR. Check can be done on base of any unique field used/filled with some particular value only in case of SR. Mostly such interaction has 'service catalog' as category.

And put you field value like,
record.field_name="value to be made"

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