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Announcing General Availability of HPE Service Virtualization 4.0

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Announcing General Availability of HPE Service Virtualization 4.0

This has been a long awaited release that further unlocks the power of service virtualization with cross platform support and expanded simulation capabilities from traditional enterprise business applications to the rapidly evolving mobile and IoT connected applications. Here are some of the key features and enhancements delivered in this release:

  1. Full breadth of financial protocols (SWIfT, FIX) support and more
  • Financial enterprise customers will be very happy with the full support of important financial protocols such as SWIFT and FIX messages over IBM WebSphere MQ protocol. Teams can now realistically simulate SWIFT protocol messages, modify the test data or swift test scenarios effortlessly and without the need for technical know-how or the SWIFT network environment available.
  • Other protocol support: non-intrusive SAG WebMethods integration server virtualization
  1. Innovative IoT and mobile testing through SV4.0 Early Access Program
    • Supports MQTT and BLE GATT commonly used by many types of smart devices in gathering streams of sensor data, user-device interactions and management
    • Supports EXLAP auto industry specific protocol.  With this support, car manufacturers can now test mobile applications against multiple virtual cars, without the need to have real physical cars available onsite. It removes the challenges of having to test on various permutation of car models on different mobile devices. Most importantly, developers and testers can easily perform extreme & risky test conditions such as speeding with low pressured tires or crashes in a simulated environment without the risk to one’s physical safety that may occur in real live test setting.
  2. Simplify authoring and Continuous Testing with the improved SV Jenkins Plugin Support
  3. Enhanced Simulation & Optimized Deployment
    • New dynamic data rule and data driving capabilities which reduce time & improved dev testers’ efficiency
    • New SV Server concurrent license which allows running SV Server in dynamic network environment or for cloud deployments
    • Support of new Linux deployment option (beta), unified 64-bit deployment and more.


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