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Announcing TechBeacon Learn: A new way to learn about top IT topics

Announcing TechBeacon Learn: A new way to learn about top IT topics

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Do you need to quickly get up to speed on topics around containerized architecture, agile enterprise techniques, IT security, or mobile testing?  The new TechBeacon Learn site from TechBeacon is your source for quickly consumable tutorials to help you quickly ramp up on the topic of your choice. TechBeacon Learn is a new tech-education site designed for IT professionals focused on software development, IT operations, security, and many of the related disciplines.

The initial categories include:

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  • Containerized Architecture
  • Mobile Testing
  • Agile
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

If you don’t see your own IT issues in those initial categories, don’t worry, there’s more on the way.

Content is designed for practical knowledge transfer, including foundational materials that help readers learn the basics within their areas of interest, as well as step-by-step, how-to guidance for accomplishing specific tasks in a real-world setting.

For example:

  • How does a software developer write a user story?
  • What does an IT ops specialist need to know about security in a container-based environment?
  • How do you know if a security information event management system will help your organization stay a step ahead of the bad guys?

Our writers

Our writers have walked the walk across the various disciplines of software, and they explain and teach with the authority of experience. As practitioners themselves, they are well-equipped to provide practical, step-by-step guidance for readers in their areas of expertise.

What we cover

Our initial offering will feature four diversified tracks for a similarly diverse readership.

  • Agile enterprise: How do organizations move from basic Agile practices to company-wide programs?
  • Mobile testing: What new strategies need to be adopted to handle testing in this fast-growing space?
  • Containerized architecture: This track show busy IT operations professional why containers are growing in popularity, and digs deep into managing the container and microservices environment.
  • SIEM: What do you need to learn about Security Information Event Management systems and their application to real world threat protection and analysis?

Our publishing schedule

Look for two new tracks focused on IT ops analytics and continuous testing to be added in the summer of 2017, with more learning tracks in the works for fall.

Subscribe today

Visit the TechBeacon Learn site and click on the “subscribe” button in the upper right to be added to our notification list. TechBeacon is expanding beyond great content about the leading trends in IT software practice, to providing focused, how-to guidance around the problems IT professionals face day to day.

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Good news!

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I've subscribed, looking forward ot get familiar with this tool !


A cool website to learn about some most interesting topics. Containerisation is one of the mainstream topic right now and this site contains good informations.

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Very useful. Would there be a track specific for PPM / ITSM?

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Looks nice!