HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Announcing the Micro Focus Learning Channel - Your Home for Software Education

Announcing the Micro Focus Learning Channel - Your Home for Software Education


September 1st was blue Friday for HPE Software – bright Micro Focus blue. The bell rang on the NYSE marking the merger of HPE Software and UK based Micro Focus.   Even though we are a new company, our journey to a new style of learning continues.



To meet the needs of the busy technical professional we released the new style of learning as a blend of different modalities of learning such as digital, instructor led, and custom engagements all designed for actively engaging the learner and providing learning just in time. In the new style we actively promote collaboration through online communities like our product forum and the independent Vivit User Community. Today we are adding another component to our evolving education and training program - a YouTube channel (Micro Focus Learning Channel) focused on getting more knowledge, more easily into the hands of all our users. Subscribe Today

What’s all the excitement about?

  • There is a great depth of knowledge within our Micro Focus teams.  We realize we have been creating that great content for free, and share in one off venues like maybe a roadshow, community replies, within the classroom or a webinar – with Micro Focus Learning Channel (You Tube) we can now make such content more broadly available in one place.
  • We want to provide foundational training for free, so if you do decide to take formal training – you can make the most of that training by knowing the basics at the start. For example our Vertica Foundations Series.
  • Now existing users can preview some of the latest training available on the LMS – with short videos where you can confirm the audience and objectives to ensure the course is designed to meet your needs.
  • There is a lot of free videos on the web with topics relevant to our software users – we watch them too – and we want to save customer search time by including the best videos we come across as part of our playlists. Start with our learning channel, for the best of the best.         Subscribe Today


What will I find out there now?

Initial Learning Channel content will include videos in five of the Micro Focus Product areas, including:

  • IT Operations Management
  • Application Development, Test & Delivery
  • Security
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Information Management & Governance


Each product area will include a series of playlists and provide videos focused on specific type of learning.

  • Preview videos provide an introduction to specific Digital Learning and Instructor-led courses to help custoMF_PlayList.JPGmers select the courses that are right for each learner or learning style.
  • Foundational learning videos deliver feature based training on individual products, solutions, or suites of software products. These free training videos are focused on the key concepts and basic understanding users will need to be successful with the product.
  • Product training videos provide a deeper dive in to each software product and demonstrate how to effectively utilize the product within your organization. I would soften this up or remove
  • Webinars which are long form videos designed to deliver news and information from industry experts on Micro Focus products.
  • And Customer Stories – sharing how our Customers use our solutions and the business results realized.

What does the Subscribe.JPGfuture look like?

Honestly, the potential is unlimited. The business and customer response will lead the roadmap. And, if you don’t see a video for the product or solution you are looking for in our initial video offerings, don’t worry… there are more on the way!

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