HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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Asia Pacific HPE Software Users – Now is a great time to build the skills to succeed.

Asia Pacific HPE Software Users – Now is a great time to build the skills to succeed.

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Due to increased demand in the region, we have expanded our selection of training being held in the Asia Pacific time zone over the coming months.  That means there is no better time than now to build the skills to succeed through HPE software training.  Whether you are interested in service management, networking, automation, testing, big data or security – we have some valuable training waiting for you.   For those working in organizations using HPE software, formal training is a great way to enhance your job performance and increase your value to the organization.  Industry analyst IDC says that organizations with comprehensive training show 24% higher profit margins. For those seeking to improve their career options, completing professional training for HPE Software solutions is a great way to improve your CV to catch the eye of potential employers.

What a line up of classes!

HPE Software Education courses are developed by professional designers along with the technical and subject matter experts who develop HPE software. Here is a directory of the public classes being held in your time zones in the next few months.   Add expertise now to be ready for new challenges coming your way in the New Year.


ITOM and ADM Public Class Schedules



For more information or to register for a class -  please email us and we will contact you.





ALM120  Application Lifecycle Management 12.0 Essentials      5 Days – VILT

      5-9  Sept 2016

      3-7  Oct   2016

ALM350  Application Lifecycle Management 12.x Site and Project Administration  4 Days – VILT

      2-5     Aug 2016

      16-19  Aug 2016

BSM120 Application Performance Management 9.x Essentials   5 Days – VILT

      12-16  Sept 2016

      24-28  Oct   2016

CSA120  Cloud Service Automation 4.x Essentials  4 Days – VILT

     29 Aug – 1 Sept 2016

      3-6  Oct  2016

DMA350  Database and Middleware Automation 10.x – Automating Beyond Infrastructure and OS    5 Days – VILT

       19-23 Sept

LR120  LoadRunner 12.0 Essentials  5 Days – VILT

     2-16  Sept 2016

     12-16  Oct   2016

NNMI120  Network Node Manager i Software 10.1 Essentials 5 Days – VILT

       22-26 Aug  2016

       12-16 Sept  2016

       17-21 Oct 2016

OMU120  Operations Manager 9.x on UNIX / Linux Administration Essentials  5 Days – VILT

       5-9      Sept 2016

       10-14  Oct   2016

       17-21  Oct  2016

OO220 Operations Orchestration 10.x Flow Development 4 Days – VILT

       8-11   Aug 2016

       22-25 Aug 2016

       24-27 Oct  2016

SA120 Server Automation 10.x Essentials 5 Days – VILT

        15 -19 Aug 2016

        19 -23 Sept 2016

SHR120  Service Health Reporter 9.x Essentials 5 Days – VILT           16-19  Aug 2016

SM110  Service Manager 9.x Foundations 5 Days – VILT                     29 Aug- 2 Sept 2016

SM150 Service Manager 9.x Technical Configuration 5 Days – VILT   29 Aug- 2 Sept 2016

SM320 Service Manager 9.x Administration 5 Days – VILT                  19-23  Sept 2016

SM350  Service Manager 9.x Advanced 5 Days – VILT                         12-16  Sept 2016         

SS120 SiteScope 11.x Essentials  5 Days – VILT            

     19-23  Sept 2016

     10-14 Oct   2016

UCMDB120  Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials  5 Days – VILT

       5-9  Sept 2016

       3-7  Oct   2016

UFT120  Unified Functional Testing 12.x Essentials  5 Days – VILT

      22-26  Aug 2016

      26-30  Sept   2016




Security Public Class Schedule


For more information or to register for a class shown below  - please  email us and we will contact you.




ArcSight ESM 6.5 Administrator and Analyst       4 Days -  VILT/India         8-11  Aug 2016         

ArcSight ESM 6.5 Advanced Analyst – ASE          5 Days -  ILT/ Singapore      8-12  Aug 2016

ArcSight Logger+ 6.0 Administration and Operations – ASE    5 Days -  ILT/Australia         8-12  Aug 2016

HPE SecureData Training    2 Days -  VILT    15-16  Aug 2016

ArcSight Creating Advanced ESM Content for Security Use Cases  5 Days -  ILT  15-19  Aug 2016 Singapore

 ArcSight Activate Framework Workshop    5 Days  ILT  29 Aug – 2 Sept 2016  Singapore

ArcSight Creating Advanced ESM Content for Security Use Cases  5 Days ILT

     12-16 Sept 2016 Singapore

     19-23 Sept 2016 Jakarta

ArcSight ESM 6.5 Administrator and Analyst 4 Days ILT

     22-25 Aug  2016 Thailand

     13-16 Sept 2016 Jakarta

      27-30 Sept 2016 Australia

       10-13 Oct   2016 Singapore

ArcSight ESM 6.5 Advanced Administrator – ASE  5 Days ILT  10-14 Aug 2016 Singapore

Building Security Use Cases with ArcSight ESM Content  3 Days ILT     5-7 Sept  2016 Singapore

Dynamic Application Testing with HPE WebInspect       3 Days ILT    5-7 Oct  2016 Australia

Fortify Software Security Center / Static Code Analyzer  4 Days ILT 16-19 Aug  2016 Singapore



Big Data Public Class Schedule


Training Plan Guide

Big Data is one of the fastest growing areas worldwide making it a great training investment.  For more information or to register for a class shown below  - please email us and we will contact you.


 DP Advance Integration 4 Days – VILT

     9-12  Aug 2016

      26-29  Sept   2016

      17-20 Oct 2016

DP Advance VMware Integration  2 Days VILT

      18-19 Aug  2016

        1-2     Sept 2016

        28-29 Oct 2016

DP Essentials 4 Days VILT

        12-15  Sept 2016

         3-6     Oct 2016

HP Records Manager  Administration Essentials (now called Content Manager)   2 Days VILT    29-30  Aug  2016

IDOL Advance 4 Days VILT 19-22 Sept  2016

IDOL Essentials 4 Days VILT

   15-18 Aug  2016

   13-16 Sept 2016

   25-28 Oct 2016

Vertica Advance Analytics 2 Days VILT

     17-18 Aug  2016

     15-16 Sept 2016

     20-21 Oct 2016

Vertica Essentials  3 Days VILT

      7-8 Sept  2016

      3-5 Oct 2016

Vertica Life of DBA    4 Days VILT 19-22 Sept  2016   

Vertica Performance Tuning  2 Days VILT

     9-10   Aug  2016

     13-14 Sept 2016

      17-18 Oct 2016

Another quick way to find big data training is online at our big data education site.  Also if you are in the Australia area and have interest in Information Management and Governance – a member of the software education team will be at the Information Management and Governance Forum 2016 shows this month.  The shows are in various cities through August - Find a participating city near you, and stop by to see us!

New DevOps Training Available Worldwide

Software Education now has business transformation training for DevOps and IT4IT.  Read more at www.hpe.com/training/devops.  Download a list of our DevOps training here.    We are in the process of building the public calendars, so please feel free to contact us to request or schedule one of these new classes.

Finally …..

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for any of the above classes please email us now so we can help you meet your training goals.   A complete list of classes  and ART content offered by HPE Software Education can be found in our Training Plan Guides which also document the learning paths that can lead to valuable professional certifications.  

 Training and education are shown to dramatically impact performance so don't miss out on these great training opportunities.. Download the infographic published by IDC to learn more about the proven ROI of software education. We hope to see you in one of our upcoming classes!

About the Author


Mary (@maryrasmussen_) is the worldwide product marketing manager for HPE Software Education. She has 20+ years of product marketing, product management, and channel/alliances experience. Mary joined HP in 2010 from an early-stage SaaS company providing hosted messaging and mobility services. Mary has a BS in Computer Science and a MBA in Marketing.


Great information.  No better way to get true value out of a software purchase than to know it inside and out.  And these courses will help you get there.