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Can OM monitors the Agent behind NAT

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Can OM monitors the Agent behind NAT

Hi Experts,


Is it possible to monitors the agent behined the NAT ? What i Undertand is NAtted IP and real IP of the server will be different , so am not sure we can moniter them  or not...




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Re: Can OM monitors the Agent behind NAT

Yes you can monitor the agent in the NAT Environment.. 


There is a Firewall Concept Guide ( ), you can refer for the details on how to achieve it .. 


Hope this helps ..

- Vidyasagar Machani -

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sekar sundaram
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Re: Can OM monitors the Agent behind NAT

well, to answer the question, as machani said, the firewall guide will give the exact details.


when i read this queston, i remembered my old manager used to say this when i asked any question about mgmt server to agent communication..

As long as bi-directional communication between mgmt server and agent on port 383 and 

the dns resolution is perfect, we can monitor the agent.


so, whether NAT'ted or not is not a problem. bi-directional communication on the port 383 is the requirement.