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Need some guidlines on migrating OMU9.01 to OML 9.1

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Need some guidlines on migrating OMU9.01 to OML 9.1

Need some guidlines on migrating OMU9.01 to OML 9.1

Norm Diederich
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Re: Need some guidelines on migrating OMU9.01 to OML 9.1

Are you planning on migrating on the same platform?


If on the same platform, then follow the upgrade process in the installation guide.


If you are changing platforms, is the current installation an upgrade from 8.x?


If you are changing platforms and the 9.01 is the initial installation, then configure the new server as a backup manager.


If the 9.01 installation was an upgrade from 8.x and you are changing platforms, then you will have a problem updating the allnodes file on the migrated nodes.


The allnodes file is "owned" by the Management Server that initially installed it on the node. 


The node will not let another Management Server update the allnodes file.


There is a procedure to change ownership so that the existing server can do the update, however, I was unable to get it to work.


I ended up using ovdeploy to force the updated files associated with the new allnodes file to load on previously migrated agents.


To do this it is helpful to have a node that was initially installed by the current Management Server to get the files.






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Re: Need some guidlines on migrating OMU9.01 to OML 9.1



Since you mention 9.01, I assume you're upgrading from OM Linux 9.01 to OM Linux 9.10 ( was HP-UX only, was Linux only and was Solaris only while 9.10 is available on all three platforms). So, in that case the upgrade will be pretty much an overinstall of the 9.10 software (no de-install / re-install like if you upgrade from OMU 8.x).


The OML 9.10 installation guide has pretty good documentation about Upgrade and Migration. Specifically for upgrading from 9.01 to 9.10, you would look for the "Upgrading from HPOM 9.0x to HPOM 9.10" section in chapter 9 of the 9.10 Installation Guide:


Make sure you're using the latest version of the Installation guide.


Some things to consider:

1. As always before doing an upgrade, make a full offline backup.

2. You will need to download a newer version of the ovoupgrade_9.0x script (as mentioned in the latest version of the installation guide)

3. You should install the latest OML 9.10 Consolidated Server Patch after the installation phase of ovoupgrade_9.0x and before the configure phase (the script will pause and mention that you now can install patches in another window).


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