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Nov 18 webinar: CMS & Cloud

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Nov 18 webinar: CMS & Cloud

More and more IT organizations adopt “The Cloud”. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are typical service offerings available to users from a service catalog. Compared to a traditional approach these services are provisioned in a highly automated manner. How does the configuration management system fit in such a scenario? Questions that should be asked are:
• How many of the cloud offerings that your users bought over time are still in use?
• To which extend do cloud services contribute to your business services?
• Are the cloud services still compliant to your policies?
In this webinar we will discuss some concepts that can be applied in the relationship between the cloud offerings in the service catalog and the service model in the configuration management system. Concepts that will aid the configuration manager to stay in control of this new delivery model.


Nov 18 at 1 pm ET / noon PT



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Re: Nov 18 webinar: CMS & Cloud

If you missed yesterday's webinar, you can watch the replay here