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UCMDB 9.02 - Direct Links

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UCMDB 9.02 - Direct Links

In 8.04 i was able to generate direct links adding username and encrypted password to the end of the url so users would not have to login. In 9.02 I have not been able to replicate this. The url's are identical(except for version) but it redirects users back to the login page in 9.02. Anyone else have any experience with this? I have attached the knowledge article for the 8.xx version.


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Re: UCMDB 9.02 - Direct Links

I Trina,

You dont need to scratch your head to generate a direct link, BSM has an option to create a direct link.

For Ex: If you need to navigate to the Performance Analysis report page. Navigate to that page, then Click on Admin --> Link to this Page option. You will be provided with options(NoCrdentails, MyCredetials, UseCredentails). Choose the one you need and click on Generate Link. It will give you the link. The username and password will be in encrypted format.

Nagendra Swamy P.